Iaijo Dojo

A traditional martial training dojo where one can find like minded dedicated students pursuing the arts of Iaido, Jodo, karate, Judo, Aikido, Kyudo, Iaido & kendo while the dojo welcomes other types of Japanese martial ways.
We are located on the southeast corner, across from Lockwood School, at 2217 U.S. 87 E. our large parking lot will accommodate 45 cars. Iaijo Dojo’s world class facility pays respect to the traditions of Japanese martial arts with its elegant, Japan inspired design. Originally built as a premier martial training center, Iaijo Dojo has the Northwest’s largest and most modern martial arts training facilities. Sitting on over five acres, the 10,000 square foot air-conditioned building has matted training areas, wood floor Kendo & Karate area. Aikido & Judo floor is covered with Tatami mats, which are considered the fastest & safest martial arts mats in the world. Martial weight training areas, sword striking stands, makiwai hardening equipment, Kyudo archery range, a Yabusame archery course, abundant training equipment, separate dressing rooms for children and adults, showers, viewing and waiting areas with Wi-Fi access, and a martial arts library. The main training area is over 2,000 square feet with a high ceiling. heavy bags, makiwara (karate striking post), gymnastic equipment, chin-up bars, crash pads, climbing ropes, specialty martial wrist & body conditioning equipment.



Iaijo Dojo
Karate Judo Aikido

2217 Hwy 87E.
Billings, Mt. 59101

Telephone: (406)248-5836
E-mail: edwards@iaijodojo.com